Yellow Cab’s Charlie Chan Pasta – “Masarap!”

If you're travel plans happen to take you to The Philippine Islands or Honolulu, Hawaii, then order-in and try one of Yellow Cab Pizza Company's best sellers: Charlie Chan Pasta! "Masarap" (delicious) is what you'll say once you've tasted this world-renowned dish! OK...Well, I've never actually tasted Charlie Chan Pasta, but this dish is certainly … Continue reading Yellow Cab’s Charlie Chan Pasta – “Masarap!”

This March celebrate National Cocktail Day with a “Luigi”

March 24th brings us National Cocktail Day. And while Detective Chan was a teetotaler; me--not so much.  So with my given name Luigi, I thought we might pause to discover a savory sipper of the same name..."The Luigi!"  I first came across The Luigi recipe in a mystery read, Murder on a Mystery Tour (1987) by Marian Babson. … Continue reading This March celebrate National Cocktail Day with a “Luigi”

Those Charlie Chan Eateries!

Ah November-December, the year's end approaches and dining-out at festive gatherings abounds! Why not step away from the customary turkey or ham that will no doubt be proffered you this holiday, and get a little adventurous! There still exists a few Charlie Chan establishments in operation! Here are those I could find open and some … Continue reading Those Charlie Chan Eateries!