Yellow Cab’s Charlie Chan Pasta – “Masarap!”

If you’re travel plans happen to take you to The Philippine Islands or Honolulu, Hawaii, then order-in and try one of Yellow Cab Pizza Company’s best sellers: Charlie Chan Pasta!

“Masarap” (delicious) is what you’ll say once you’ve tasted this world-renowned dish! OK…Well, I’ve never actually tasted Charlie Chan Pasta, but this dish is certainly popular and has some very savory ingredients. A quick search on revealed over 140 recipes for the dish before I quit scrolling to find more (I assume all are copycats trying to imitate the original recipe.) Here’s how the website describes the dish:

“A uniquely Yellow Cab pasta – Chicken strips, shiitake mushrooms, and roasted peanuts in a spicy oriental sauce.”

As mentioned, Charlie Chan Pasta is a product of Yellow Cab Pizza Company. Originally founded in 2001 by Eric Puno, Henry Lee and Albert Tan, Yellow Cab Pizza is owned by Max’s Group. The chain currently operates 101 branches in the Philippines and overseas, including branches in Qatar, United Arab Emirates, Saudi Arabia, Singapore, China, Vietnam and Oman. They opened their first U.S. location, January 2017, in Honolulu, Hawaii–only minutes away from my previous domicile (I moved to Cleveland 2013…DAGNABBIT!)

In the Philippines Islands a regular bowl cost PHP210 ($4.37US) and a large bowl PHP380 ($7.91US) In Honolulu, Hawaii there’s only one size for $8.95. Of course nothing can compare to the original, but if you’re not planning a trip out to the Pacific Rim any time soon here are those 140+ recipes (all seemingly posted within a year’s time–probably a pandemic favorite!): Youtube Search Results…ENJOY!

Sample imitation recipe for Charlie Chan Pasta

“He who keeps the friendship of a prince, wins honors. But he who keeps that of a cook, wins food”

Keeper of The Keys, 1932, Chapter 10

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  1. Lou
    Enjoy reading your blogs .
    It takes you right there with you every time.
    Looking forward to the next adventure. Love the aphorisms.. nice touch.

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