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PICTURED:  The night-blooming cereus flower from The House Without a Key, 1925. (they do exist!)

“If you’ve ever read a mystery story you know that a detective never works so hard as when he’s on vacation. He’s like the postman who goes for a long walk on his day off.” — Bob Eden, The Chinese Parrot, 1926, Chapter 3

Aloha, from just outside of Cleveland, Ohio. It’s a pleasure to have you along as we ponder all things related to one of America’s first and most unique characters in literary fiction: Detective Charlie Chan of the Honolulu Police. After 40 years traveling with the U.S. Air Force (as a postman), I settled back into the suburbs near my hometown. And like many of you I’m a big mystery fan. I believe the mystery story guides us through life in our sense of right and wrong, good versus evil, and helps us develop a sense of justice and injustice; even though it might not always turn out as we expect! For myself, I somehow got stuck along the way on this singular Chinese-Hawaiian sleuth. Who can resist those awe-inspiring aphorisms! Or perhaps it had to do with author Earl Derr Biggers growing up an hour from here in Warren, Ohio. Surely his brief stint as a night crime reporter on Cleveland’s newspaper The Plain Dealer influenced my thinking! Then, there is the fact I spent the last 14 yrs of my career in Honolulu, Hawaii walking the very streets and visiting locations from the novels. Yep, that probably sealed it!

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