It’s November and Charlie Chan wants YOU at the polls!

Well, it’s here! November 3d, 2020 is just days away; time for what promises to be quite the onerous general election. But don’t believe for a second that a president, congressional delegates, governors and local ballot issues are the only choices requiring your attention at the polls this month!

Each month, since March 2003, Webmaster Rush Glick of The Charlie Chan Family Home has hosted a monthly poll on his homepage. There’s been a variety of interesting questions, all voted on by Chan enthusiasts around the world. Both multiple choice and true-or-false questions from all spheres imaginable inside the world of Charlie Chan seek resolution.

I counted over 200 poll questions since it’s start more than 17 years ago. For anyone who’d seen the Charlie Chan film series (44 films in the series proper alone) these polls are sure to delight. So it’s well worth a visit to the website each month to make sure your vote counts! Below are but a few of the decisions and resolutions reached by past participants through the years. And should curiosity get the better of you, all questions and responses have been recorded for posterity’s sake at The Charlie Chan Family Home:

APRIL 2020:
Which of these two Charlie Chan films better exemplifies the current coronavirus threat that we are now experiencing in our time?
The threat of the bubonic-infected rats in Dr. Grosser’s laboratory (Charlie Chan in Panama) 79%
The threat of an enemy poison gas attack on Paris (Charlie Chan in City in Darkness) 21%
AUGUST 2014:
Who is your favorite “movie monster” actor to appear in a Charlie Chan film?
Lon Chaney, Jr. (Charlie Chan in City in Darkness/Charlie Chan on Broadway) 12%
Boris Karloff (Charlie Chan at the Opera) 69%
Bela Lugosi (The Black Camel) 19%
JUNE 2011:
Have you ever watched a Charlie Chan film on the big screen in a theater?
Yes 30%
No 70%
APRIL 2009:
How many of the Earl Derr Biggers Charlie Chan stories have you read?
None 33%
One 6%
More than one 39%
All of them 22%
Who was the first actor that you recall seeing as Charlie Chan?
Warner Oland 35%
Sidney Toler 61%
Roland Winters 3%
Other 1%
Which Charlie Chan movie animal is your favorite?
Tony, the “Chinese Parrot” (Charlie Chan’s Courage)  2%
Hellcat, the horse (Charlie Chan in London)  4%
Lucifer, the cat (Charlie Chan’s Secret)  9%
Avalanche, the racehorse (Charlie Chan at the Race Track)  6%
Lollipop, the monkey (Charlie Chan at the Race Track)  27%
Oscar, the lion (Charlie Chan in Honolulu)  38%
Priscilla, the cat (Charlie Chan in Reno)  6%
Gertie, the parrot (Dead Men Tell)  4%
The turtle with the flashlight (Dangerous Money)  4%

As you will derive from these examples, many important decisions await your resolve. So make your vote count, especially this November! Head to The Charlie Chan Family Home website this month–and every month–to complete the Charlie Chan monthly poll. Oh yeah, and please don’t forget to vote in those other polls mentioned above!

Request honorable presence at poll this November and in future. Thank you so much.

“There was once a man who pinched the baby while rocking the cradle. His work was not regarded a very large success”

Charlie Chan, Behind That Curtain (1928), Chapter 14

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