10 thoughts on “The 2022 Charlie Chan Family Home Newsletter.

  1. Thanks Lou. I look forward to reading of the goings on in the world of Charlie Chan last year! As we are fond of saying “the only bad Chan is no Chan.” Happy New Year to you and yours and wishing you all good things in 2023!

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  2. Dear Rush, it’s my pleasure and honor. As you move forward in the “third” decade of your Family Home Site, and the New Year, best wishes for continued success for many years to come. Lou


    1. George, Nancy, thanks for following the posts and high hopes for prosperity and health in the New Year. I’m actually more partial to the six Chan novels, but film-wise”: For Warner Oland, I like “Charlie Chan’s Secret (1936),” it’s the perfect Halloween Movie. For Sidney Toler, who I mainly grew up with, it would be “Charlie Chan at Treasure Island (1939),” for the intrigue and acting. And for Roland Winters, “The Feathered Serpent (1948),” as a good plot and having both Keye Luke and Victor Sen Young in it. However, I also really enjoy watching the 30 featurettes on the DVDs! Happy 2023. Lou


  3. Thanks Lou for a delightful recap of the year 2022 in the Charlie Chan arena! The mention of your book project has inspired me to dust off the manuscript of my yet-to-be-published tome “Interesting People I Have Known.”

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