BOO! Attend the Charlie Chan virtual Halloween Party!

October 31st is near at hand (where did the year go?) and as he does every year, Webmaster Rush Glick will host his annual “Virtual” Halloween Party on Monday, October 24th! Here’s how it works:

  • Guests log into the Charlie Chan Chat Room, using an assumed name chosen from the cast of characters found inside over 44 Charlie Chan films at: Cast List A – Z. (choose one not already logged on by checking the list at right.)
  • The party starts at 7:30PM for pre-film Meet-n-Greet; a time to chat and get to know each other.
  • Then a synchronized start of this week’s film at 8:15PM (Guests use either their personal DVDs or watch on
  • This year’s party presentation; the very spooky Charlie Chan’s Secret, 1936, starring Warner Oland: Here.
  • During the film guests chat, poke wise-cracks at the film, and try to guess who’s who in the chat?

Chat participants can give clues or suggestions, or just try to remain incognito as they Chat. Most party goers are regulars and more likely to be “found out” by the questions and comments they make towards the film. However, newcomers are welcome to enjoy the chat and introduce themself or just follow along as we watch the film together.

Now if you are new to the chat (this is your first time) the chances of someone guessing “Who you really are” will be; well, relatively non-existent. However, this month’s chat is one of the most fun and a great way to introduce yourself to the Charlie Chan Family Chat room and weekly film showing.

NOTE: Even if you don’t join the party, but want a wonderful suspense-filled, spooky (and child appropriate) film to watch this Halloween, I highly recommend watching Charlie Chan’s Secret!

A tip of the Panama Hat to Mr. Rush Glick, who has been faithfully hosting this virtual Halloween Party for decades!

“Life would be a dreary waste, if there was no thing called loyalty”

Charlie Chan, The Chinese Parrot, 1926, Chapter 2

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