The 2021 Charlie Chan Family Home Newsletter. Plus, Sherwin-Williams paint suggests Arugula Pizza and Cherries Jubilee this holiday!

I’ll get to the newsletter later (link’s at bottom, check it out!) But first, regarding those holiday recommendations I got in an email from Sherwin-Williams I ask you, “have things gotten out of hand?” First, I’m not that fond of arugula (especially on pizza). Second, what the heck are they doing suggesting holiday food menus? Do you mix some paint into the recipe for a more festive look?

I know, I know, it’s only a “hook” to get me to read their email and tell me they really don’t care all that much about selling more paint than anyone on the planet. They’re a company of human beings, like me, and care about the success of my holiday feast. But they’re not the only ones!

Microsoft has suggested the perfect holiday gifts for my friends and relatives, right after I spent $1300 on this laptop, and Jack Daniels has given me some great drink ideas to make at holiday gatherings, while advising me to drink responsibly. My local grocery store has sent me a wonderful list of recipes to make my holiday meal or party a success using their products, and my realtor even sent me seasonal decorating ideas and a wonderful list of happenings in and around town, should I need to get out of the house she sold me. The concern for my happiness this holiday season has me stupefied and humbled!

And that’s not all! I’ve had the unique opportunity to double–and even triple–my contributions to several private organizations, charities, even political constituents’ campaigns from both parties. But I had to act fast because most had a 24-hour time limit as someone was matching the funds, and I guess they couldn’t match them after that. I won’t go into how much blood I’ve given the Red Cross, but right now “The need is critical” and they want more!

Several other places offered me one-time sales events like that 10% off on special PBS products. I did buy something I probably didn’t need (squirrel video,) but then this week I got another email for 20% off of everything in their online store. Shucks, guess I should have waited. (say, anyone every heard of Zoom? They keep inviting me to classes.)

Also, I didn’t realize how much everyone was interested in my opinion? L.L. Bean, Shutterstock, Lowes, Barnes & Noble, even my doctor’s office all want my feedback, “Tell us how we did.” Even my google phone asked me how I liked their directions or to rate a place I visited. Heck, I feel kind of important because when I don’t reply they even follow-up, “We haven’t heard back from you yet.”

With all the caring and sharing of information for my well being this holiday I really feel special. My warmest wishes that each and every one of you gets the same attention, so you too may feel the spirit of the season! Now, let me mix some of that red-berry paint in with this Jack Daniels drink recipe, and sprinkle a little holiday-green tint on the hors d’oeuvres for my party.

And I heard him exclaim as he rode out of sight, Read your email and Facebook and post me a “like!”

Oh yeah! Before I forget don’t miss THE 2021 CHARLIE CHAN FAMILY HOME NEWSLETTER (click here):

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The first U.S. Commemorative Christmas Stamp was “Wreath & Candles” 1962, 4-cents.

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