It’s here! The 2019 Charlie Chan Family Home Newsletter.

“EXTRA! EXTRA! Read all about it!” We’re happy to announce the second annual newsletter for the Charlie Chan Family Home website has arrived (Newsletter link.) Please deign to peruse this humble offering for the New Year. Inside we highlight significant events and happenings throughout 2019 and include other interesting topics surrounding one of America’s first and most unique detectives: Charlie Chan of the Honolulu Police. There’s something for everyone: Two new book releases, a fall “Chan” class taught at the University of Las Vegas, NV, “The Other Guys” an article on Mr. Wong and Mr. Moto, a recap of my first year blogging at The Postman on Holiday, and a “very special” narrative by Charlie Chan Family Home webmaster, Rush Glick, on his adventure (20 years ago) to pursue the four lost Chan film-scripts. Finally, a look at the upcoming Chinese New Year (The Year of the Rat, January 25) and three Charlie Chan events happening at various locations in 2020.

Happy New Year & Gōng xǐ fā cái (wishing you happiness & prosperity)!


P.S. Please stop by each Sunday to hear a new Charlie Chan Movie Aphorism from the film series proper at:!

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