Hey Pop move over. I got a Star on Hollywood, too!

Now here’s a fluke–a well earned one, too! James Hong, Son No.1 to J. Carrol Naish’s, Charlie Chan in The New Adventures of Charlie Chan, is getting his just deserves…a Star on The Hollywood Walk of Fame, Class of 2022!

At 92-years young, Actor James Hong is going strong! “Hong, recently provided the voice of O-Sensei in the animated DC movie Batman: Soul of the Dragon and will appear in the upcoming sci-fi movie Everything Everywhere All at Once with Michelle Yeoh and Jamie Lee Curtis” (full article at Movieweb.com.) His stack of accomplishments in television, film, voice over, teaching and other ventures is way to huge to mention here (Hong IMDb.)

Mr. Hong joins two other actors to portray a prime Charlie Chan character to received a Star on The Hollywood Walk of Fame, Actors Keye Luke and J. Carroll Naish. As mentioned above, Hong and Naish starred together in the 1957-1958 television series The New Adventures of Charlie Chan. Naish, Born to Irish immigrant parents in New York City, played Hong’s “Pop” Charlie Chan in all 39 US and British television episodes. Together the father and son team galivanted across Europe solving crimes along the way. Now they’ll share a perpetual journey along Hollywood’s famous Walk of Fame.

Mr. Hong is the last living actor to star as a primary Chan character, either in film or television. He is still spritely and down to earth, a really great guy. I know, because he unselfishly stopped by the Earl Derr Biggers’ 126th birthday bash (August 2010, Chinatown, Honolulu) for a piece of cake, some autograph signing and a small skit reenactment from his Charlie Chan days (read about that at, A special birthday wish to Chan Series Actor James Hong). While a specific date for the ceremony has not been announced, all recipients have two years to schedule before the offer of a place expires.

So what does Mr. Hong have to say about all this? Well, I’m not sure, but in his role as Son No. 1 he might utter something like:

“Success–what is it? A bubble that explodes when touched by human hands”

The Black Camel (1929), Chapter 23

4 thoughts on “Hey Pop move over. I got a Star on Hollywood, too!

  1. Congratulations to the last surviving Number One Son, James Hong, who appeared in that role on the “small screen” Charlie Chan series! This honor is long overdue, and, if anyone has ever walked Hollywood Blvd. and seen so many names there with far less accomplishments to their credit, you might join me in exclaiming, “It’s about time!”

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